Home heating, media center, cryptocurrency mining device

Heat Recovery For GPU mining rigs

Use bitcoin or GPU based miners to heat your home or a swimming pool, reduce electric heating bills, make your mining rig silent, good looking and protected from dust and overheating
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HeatMiner helps you recover heat from any GPU or ASIC mining equipment to increase profitability by effective reuse of heat generated while mining to heat your home and reduce the need for alternative ways of home heating.
Thanks to HeatMiner you can also reduce noise from the level of a rock concert to a level acceptable at home where you work and sleep.
Our device greatly extends lifetime of miners by protecting from dust, overheating and mechanical damage. Effective cooling allows for safe overclocking of existing hardware.
GPU miner and media center electric heater
GPU miner and media center electric heater
GPU miner and media center electric heater

Home heating, powerful computing platform, reduced emissions

Powerful silent and protected computing platform
cost effective mining, green home heating, reduced low emissions from your building.

HeatMiner reduces low building emissions by using electricity for heating instead of burning coal or gas in your home which contributes to the emergence of smog in the city. Our mission is to bring bitcoin mining back home
Let's foster decentralization of bitcoin mining. Achieve a synergy between the need to heat your place you live and the byproduct of mining which is waste heat normally being a problem for large scale mining facilities.
If you decide to use GPU mining rig along with HeatMiner you can also beneft from having cost effective media centeror use the device as a powerful gaming platform for your favorite games, rendering software or movie editing.
GPU miner and media center electric heater

HeatMiner benefits

  • Enable green heat recovery from your mining rig to heat your home
  • Make your monster GPU device completely silent
  • Safely overclock your graphic cards
  • Protect electronic circuits from dust and heat
  • Make your cryptocurrency mining rig look cool and discreet
  • Heat your swimming pool or running water using boiler version of HeatMiner
  • Reduce electric heating bills using cryptocurrency
  • Go green and reduce low level emissions of your home

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